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Hey, I’m Nat, a CliftonStrengths Coach based in New Zealand.

I’m here to help you make those ideas and inklings for your future happen. Whether it’s a business idea, company growth, or a personal project I’ll help you play on your top strengths to forge ahead.  


If you’re on a mission then I’m here to support and champion you, from one-off sessions to get you started to ongoing coaching for Big Hairy Audacious Goals

My Top 5 Talent Themes:

Communication | Strategic | Activator | Futuristic | Responsibility

about cliftonstrengths

Clifton Strengths is a tool based on 40 years of research with over 21 million successful individuals from 48 countries - and counting.


The assessment determines your ordering of the 34 universal themes of talent.


You're dominant in around 10 themes - these will move up and down depending on the context you are in - however your Signature Top 5 themes are the best place to begin. 

You are powerfully unique

  • The odds of another person having the same top 5 themes as you in any order are one in two-hundred and seventy-eight thousand.

  • The odds of another person having the same top 5 themes as you in the same order are one in thirty-three million, three hundred thousand. 

  • The odds of another person having all 34 themes in the same order as you are one in two hundred and fifty-nine undecillion (259,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) 

​Strengths as an investment

Turning talent to strength is a journey - it takes time and intentional investment, and is 100% worth the effort. Imagine the possibilities:


Gallup's stats show that people who focus on their strengths instead of their weaknesses are 3x more likely to report an excellent quality of life, 6x more likely to be engaged at their jobs, and are 7.8% more productive at their role. 

​Are you ready to go further personally and professionally?


I am a member of the Strengths Network South Pacific, a client of Gallup that exists to provide coaching, support and coach training, and upholds the professional standards of the Strengths Network code of Ethics. 

Let's Talk.

Taupo, New Zealand


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