go further personally and professionally

Imagine waking up and feeling excited about your work for the day, because you know you get to do the activities that give you energy and joy: you get to do what you do best.

Imagine knowing yourself so well that you are able to communicate your unique talents and exact needs with those around you in a common language that everybody understands. 

Imagine being appreciated and celebrated for being you: your unique contributions and differences. 

It is possible. Welcome to the New Frontier! 

how can strengths coaching  help me?

Have you got big plans and audacious dreams? I’m here to help you corral your top themes of talent into powerful strengths to forge ahead.

Coaching can help you to: 

  • Explore why you make the decisions you make

  • Gain insight into how others may think

  • Put your themes of talent into words to describe yourself to others

  • Become aware of what drains and energizes you to prevent burnout

  • Appreciate the awesome uniqueness of yourself and others

How it works

Take the Clifton Strengths 2.0 Assessment. Purchase a code as part of your package, or use past assessment results

Send results

Send me your Signature Themes Report. Print out the results, highlight what applies to you and bring it along. 


Allow at least 90 minutes for your session, and don't forget to bring your highlighted report.

Live large

Coaching is as good as its application. Be bold, be willing to invest in becoming the best you possible.

what is clifton strengths?

Clifton Strengths is a tool based on 40 years of research with over 2 million successful individuals from 48 countries - and counting. The assessment determines your ordering of the 34 universal themes of talent. You're dominant in around 10 themes - these will move up and down depending on the context you are in - however your Signature Top 5 themes are the best place to begin. 

  • The odds of another person having the same top 5 themes as you in any order are one in two-hundred and seventy-eight thousand.

  • The odds of another person having the same top 5 themes as you in the same order are one in thirty-three million, three hundred thousand. 

Taking talent to strength is a journey - it takes time and intentional investment, and is 100% worth the effort.


Gallup's stats show that people who focus on their strengths instead of their weaknesses are 3x more likely to report an excellent quality of life, 6x more likely to be engaged at their jobs, and are 7.8% more productive at their role. 

  • You don't have to become a different person to become successful. 

  • You don't have to be all things to all people. 

  • You can learn to be more of who you already are, and become the best version of yourself. 

What people say

Nat gave me practical applications to utilize my strengths in ways I had not before thought of. She has helped me to develop a greater understanding of how I function as an individual and how I can effectively contribute in a team setting. I highly recommend Nat as a strength finders coach.

-Kelsi Ander

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