Strengths pioneer 3 month package

Ready to dive in and sink your teeth into your strengths, or looking at tackling a big challenge? 

Explore in depth what makes you who you are, and why you think, feel and act they way you do.

You’ll take the CliftonStrengths Assessment and discover your top 5 themes of talent before your first session.


Then we’ll meet either face-to-face or via skype for your first session and explore how to name, claim, and aim those themes to start the journey of becoming the best possible version of yourself. We'll set some goals around what you want to achieve and build on for the following sessions. 

Then we'll meet twice more to tackle those goals we initially set and help you work on strengthening your talents and aiming them towards where you want to go. 

You will have email support during the 4 weeks between sessions for any questions or challenges you want an extra hand with.

The total time commitment for this package is about 4 hrs total including assessment (~45 mins) and three coaching sessions (60-90 mins each.)

You’ll receive a series of follow-up emails to check in on you 1 week, 1 month, and 1 year after completing coaching to make sure you’ve not gotten side-tracked from your goals and remind you that you’re awesome.


"I learnt some new perspectives on my strengths that I never thought of but differ in other people, I learnt  some ways I can improve my strengths."

"A brilliant tool and enjoyable process." 

"... I understand myself better too; qualities I've had but never put a value on them. I see now how they shape me as a person.

Let's Talk.

Taupo, New Zealand


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