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Updated: Feb 18, 2019


This blog exists to talk about the CliftonStrengths tool and how it's being used for coaching in New Zealand.

It also gives me an opportunity to really get to work practicing one of my top 5 themes: Communication.

I've always loved writing, though it's mostly been a love of writing long, rambling fictional stories that start somewhere and end nowhere. Those stories were for me, to satisfy a need to create my dream future with only a fleeting thought to potential readers.

This blog is not going to be like that. I want to be intentional in my thinking: who I am writing to, what message I want to get across and how well I craft each piece. OF course, feedback about what is and isn't helpful or interesting is appreciated, so I'd like to kick off with a question to you:

What do you struggle with the most when communicating with others?

For me, I struggle with keeping my message concise yet understandable. As I tell a story, give an excuse or explain something I'm inwardly battling with myself over how much information to give. Do I explain everything? Some things? What's important? Do they even care? I think sometimes I come off as being a bit too verbose, or an "oversharer."

Something that I've found to help me is rehearsing - a bit like writing and rehearsing a speech. I consider the information that's most important, the language I want to use, even the manner I want to come across. It sounds silly, but for me at least, I feel prepared to state my case.

I'd love to hear your struggles and supports in the comments!

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