introduction to strengths

Interested in strengths but not ready to dive in for a long term commitment? That's cool, I've got the perfect option for you!

Explore what makes you who you are, and why you think, feel and act they way you do.

You’ll take the CliftonStrengths Assessment and discover your top 5 themes of talent before your session.


Then we’ll meet either face-to-face or via skype and explore how to name, claim, and aim those themes to start the journey of becoming the best possible version of yourself.

The total time commitment for this package is about 2.5 hrs total including assessment (~45 mins) and coaching session (90 mins.)

You’ll receive a series of follow-up emails to check in on you 1 week, 1 month, and 1 year after your session to make sure you’ve not gotten side-tracked from your goals and remind you that you’re awesome.


"Nat had a great rapport, professional but friendly. I enjoyed her nuggets of insight and  the directions in which the questions led."

"Very much valued Nat's coaching session!"

"The session helped me reiterate my current thoughts towards self improvement." 

"... provided structure to the way I work, provided context to what makes me tick and what energizes me. Made me feel more normal!" 

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Taupo, New Zealand


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